About NIFE

NIFE is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to consumer financial education.  

OUR Story

Our primary focus is helping the home owner understand the financial benefits and challenges associated with owning a home.

To accomplish this - NIFE seeks out exceptional leaders, educators, and professionals to donate their time as Facilitators and Faculty members.  These members support consumers through a donation of their time, experience and direct willingness to answer questions via email or phone.

NIFE is creating a unique consumer experience - by focusing on education first.  We do this through a unique process to educate our Facilitators, Faculty and Staff on key financial concepts that support the consumer to better understand their credit, cash flow, savings, capital accumulation and most importantly - how to reduce the cost of owing a home over their lifetime.  

It's really big, but really simple:

We will create the nation's easiest to understand financial education focused on housing - that leads to increased confidence, clarity, and action toward a consumers personal and financial well being.